citifari's newsletter: citifaria

citifari has been growing slowly but nicely and we are working hard on improvements and developments. We wanted to say hi, thank you for your continued support and keep you posted of our latest developments with this first newsletter. We also wanted to ask you for more help and if you do not have time to read the whole newsletter, just read that column.

did I say 'we'?

That is correct, citifari has been growing and we have added a couple of new faces to the team:
  • Fred has been helping behind the scenes for a little while now and you might have seen her in your tour, always providing good feedback on how to improve. She also selects the articles posted on twitter and facebook and is behind marketing and communications.
  • More recently, and in conjunction with the growing demand, Louis has joined citifari. Louis studies for his Master's degree in Cinema Studies from NYU Tish and has a passion for photography. He will be your guide for most of the tours.
Say hi to Fred and Louis or read more about them here...

help citifari

first, to thank you for your support we have attached a $10 coupon to share with your friends

a menu of helping choices:

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next tours & more tours

more tours: with the arrival of Louis, citifari can now offer 2 week tours and 2 weekend tours.

next tours: if you have already taken the landmark tour, we are working on two new tours and have not decided which one will be the next one.

Will it be Central Park or Midtown New York? We don't know yet but you can follow the debate and get a preview of some of the photos we are gathering for the tour on facebook.

snap your FNO photo contest

On September 8, for Fashion's Night Out in New York, citifari organized a photo contest on twitter and facebook.

A carefully chosen jury received sorted through over 500 tweets and voted to select their top 12 pictures. The best 3 contestants were then elected by public vote and Stephanie, Emily and Rozeppelin won citifari tours and other prizes from the sponsors. Check their pictures and read more about Snap your FNO photo contest here...