Photo tours of New York City

New York Landmarks

New Yorker Hotel, the historical New York Post Office, the Empire State building, and more!

Central Park

Central park's lakes, bridges, unique constructions, vegetation, and much more!

New York by Night

Night time at UN headquarters, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler building, the Rockefeller center, and much more!


Houston Street, the James Hotel, Balthazar restaurant, and more!

What is Citifari?

Citifari is the healthy and safe way to see New York City under a different angle. Join our career New York City photographers (check their amazing bios) in a small group for our photo tours. Our photographers share decades of experience for you to get the essence of New York through their passion.

Come Tour With Us!

Our photographer walks you to a selection of vantage points and explains how you could take specific, impressive 'photographer-like' shots of New York City's most iconic locations. 

You Say It Better!

"Fantastic tour! Was one of the highlight of my trip. Thanks for being so accommodating."

- Crystal B., Toronto, ON, Canada

"I really enjoyed the tour and walked away with some really fun photographs of NYC. I learned several new things and I'm excited to be able to apply them. Thanks for offering a different way to experience NYC!"

- Kim P., Tennessee

"Thanks for an amazing photo tour! Loved every minute and everyone likes my pictures!"

- Tom M., Belgium

"Our guide was very helpful and welcoming. Even though I have been taking photos for a while I learned quite a lot. I live in the city, but I found areas to photograph that I have never been before. "

- Gwen N., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Loved the tour. Francois is a wonderful photographer and I got some great photos to share with my family and friends. I'm planning on doing a video and book of my night tour and landmarks tour. "

- Rich S., San Francisco, California

"Great Tour and Great Guide. Learned about SoHo and my Camera at the same time. Learned how to look at colors and objects in a more complete way. Thanks for a great way to spend a Saturday morning in NYC."

- Nancy W.

"Citifari and Jean helped me get over my initial idea of manual settings on a DSLR being cumbersome and too hard to understand. This tour transformed my interest in photography completely within those two hours. I can't believe I had been missing out so far."

- Supriya M., Bhubaneswar, India

News and Tips

Checkout our blog for news and tips, our past tour highlights, and much more!

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