We want to thank you again and again for all the good reviews on Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor. We are nothing without you and this is always a success for us to see how you appreciate our work. All these good words give us the energy to climb the Empire State Building and to always improve for your eyes only! Thank you!
At the beginning of October I visited New York to see my citifari friends and to enjoy one of the more vibrant city I know. I took the SoHo Tour with Gildo and I had a big revelation. As citfari’s copywriter, it goes without saying that I am passionate about New York and photography. But I’m not a professional photographer and I have a lot to learn especially with the manual mode! Yes, that’s true and we are all doing the same mistake. We are in the most inspiring city only for few days and we want to be sure to have the best picture, so we choose the automatic mode. It’s easier and make us feel comfortable with the idea that we have a good picture without having to think so much! During my SoHo Tour I’ve learned one simple thing that you can’t find in photography manuals: having fun with photography. Finally why is it so important to have the same perfect (photoshopped?) picture than in the front page of your New York guide? Your pictures must tell a story: the story of YOUR trip in New York. Keep in mind that it’s better to have one exceptional picture of your trip than 200 good pictures. In conclusion: open your mind, play with your camera (touch all the buttons and see that the camera won’t explode) and, the most important, accept to fail! This is the best way to learn and to be a better photographer. We are curious to see your wonderful inspiring pictures for the next Pictures Thursday. - Truly yours, Sevrine
Autumn is here, believe us, this is a great season for taking great colorful pictures. Walk around in the city with your camera and check the trees as often as possible to find the perfect fall foliage. This magical autumn light won’t last long so be ready for it! You can take our Central Park photo tour our experimented photo-guides will walk you through an unbelievable fall foliage experience! For sure, your camera will be your best friend for ever!
photo courtesy of Denise Ward.
…on the Today Show on MSNBC. Citifari was featured for making vayable one of the 5 best travel websites! Check the video (we are at 4:00). The concrete jungle photo walk, that’s us…
We think about our guests first and how to improve the quality of our tours. Sometimes small things can be great ideas. We have introduced tablets to our tours. Our photographers can now show you the itinerary, pictures, examples. Check them out and let us know.