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- Hola!!! El día Martes estuve con Gildo en el Soho y también ayer en el tour nocturno. Tuve una experiencia muy buena, con su creatividad nos empujaba a crear fotos diferentes, un gran desafío. Muchas gracias!! Gildo nos acompañó con profesionalismo, simpatía y calidez. Fueron dos experiencias muy lindas, muchas gracias!!! - Verónica C., Argentina

- I did the Soho tour with Michael and was extremely satisfied. Not only Michael is an experienced photographer (with a specific accent in architecture) but also a professional guide (one of NY 's museums) and also very friendly, as well as an excellent teacher. On top of that he knows the area perfectly, having lived there for years, so he would have lot's of anecdotes to tell. Last but not least, he knows how to adapt his tour to the interests of the clients as well as seizing opportunities, if they arise during the walk, like visiting an ancient house invited by the owner himself! Thank you. I would recommend this kind of tour to anyone going to NY. - Christina D.

- Central Park was brought to life by CIRO and brilliant guide and help with all things photography. Most enjoyable time in NY, easy going and learned lots but also a nice genuine guy. I would highly recommend Ciro's tour to anyone. Thanks again. B. - Brid
- JF has a very good understanding of light and shadows and he conveyed those very well. I have a pretty good basic understanding of camera technology and composition theory so I did not learn many new things in that regard. The level of enthusiasm was high and he was fun to stroll around with. As above, I would like to have been taken to some more-unusual sites. - Bernard R., Vancouver, BC

- I thoroughly enjoyed my Central Park tour with Rob and I have already recommended it to others if they plan to go to NY. I learnt more about my camera and the art of taking photos along with getting a tour of the great vantage points in Central Park. - Robin G., Australia

- I loved the creative challenge to shoot in Manual mode only. It had been several years since I had used just Manual. I loved that our guide taught us to look at things from different perspectives. There were times we stopped for a photo opp that I probably would have passed by if I was out alone. But taking the time to evaluate the scene from all angles afforded some wonderful results. Thank you for an amazing tour! Can't wait to come back and shoot again in the winter! - Ed M., Hartford, CT

- Soirée très enrichissante. Jean-François nous a appris des techniques que nous ne connaissions pas. Nous avons passé une super soirée. - Guillaume et Nathalie L., Paris, France

- I was fortunate to have Michael as my tour guide Not only did he assist in locations with shots he also provided interesting and detailed commentary regarding different sites and their history around the city Highly recommended! - Janine W.,, Sydney, Australia

- I did the SOHO photo tour with Francois who was excellent. He gave tips on how to make the most of the weather conditions (bright sunny day with harsh light). He taught me how to see things differently, to find interesting features in an everyday street scape, and "make something out of nothing". Thanks Francois. I hope to see you again on more Citifari tours. - Angela L., NYC, NY

- The Citifari guide was very kind and helpful, giving us good tips on how to get pictures with dynamics in them which is not evident with buildings or immobile things. Almost as a private photographic class with a guide encompassing several years of professionnal experience. Great time, very good tips at a speed and a spirit of New York! - Denis B., Quebec City, Canada

- Very interesting photo tour and very friendly guide . I suggest this tour for all level photographs . Will probably test night photo tour. - Francoise D., France

- Our instructor was Gildo, and he was awesome! Gildo was a wealth of information, explained things clearly, and suggested various composition techniques which resulted in some of the best photos I have ever taken! This was a great tour and I am planning on doing another one soon! - Cheryll S., Harrison, NY

- The guide was extremely helpful, very knowlegible especially to a beginner. My advice to those interested in taking this tour, please take Citifari's request seriously: wear comfortable shoes, know your camera & set it to manual, bring extra batteries and have enough room for 100 or so photos. And lastly, I want to stress the experience was a lot of fun. - Harriet M., Queens, NY

- Fantastic tour! Was one of the highlight of my trip. Thanks for being so accommodating. - Crystal B., Toronto, ON, Canada

- The NYC landmark tour I took was great, as was our photographer/guide Gildo, and I would highly recommend this tour for any photo enthusiast. I learned a lot, and shot some awesome photos! - Cheryll S., Westchester

- Great experience in a lighting City ( New York) with a very friendly and experienced guy Jean François.  The experience of the Citifari tour was above my expectations. The experience of Jean François was very helpful and he was very clear with the explanation. I would recommend this experience. By the way would enjoy renew this experience with Citifary if i come back to New York  with another tour. Thank you Jean François.- Didier M., France

- This tour was really interesting, I learnt a lot about both the technical and creative side of taking pictures! Our guide was really friendly and helpful! - Maxime R., France

- I had a wonderful experience on my NYC Citifari tour with Michael who enlightened us on historical stories about the city and the buildings. I would recommend this company highly to any visitors who would like to dig beneath the surface of the city and experience the sites along with the history of the city. - Janine L.

- My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at how much we learned on our recent night shoot in the city with Jean Francois as our guide. I personally have been working with my photography for more than 20 years and still learned a lot of new techniques. Jean, had great passion and a good eye for seeing things that most would miss. He was very vested in all of our group having the best experience possible. We hope to come back to NY and check out another tour soon. Jeff and Carla - Boulder, Colorado

- I really enjoyed the tour and walked away with some really fun photographs of NYC. I learned several new things and I'm excited to be able to apply them. Thanks for offering a different way to experience NYC! - Kim P., Tennessee

- Thank you for a great evening of photography. We really enjoyed our experience with you and will be back next time we visit New York. - Madeline G., Sydney, Australia

- Un tour vraiment super, j'ai beaucoup appris avec Jean-François merci pour ta patience et la qualité de tes conseils. J'ai eu beaucoup de chance d'être seule à ce tour de nuit j'ai pu bénéficier d'un cours particulier et il y en avait vraiment besoin :-)
Je suis rentrée en France avec certes de belles photos inattendues mais surtout avec des conseils à mettre en oeuvre pour encore plus apprécier la photographie. Merci Citifari! Et merci aussi à Alex de BPVNY sans qui je n'aurai jamais découvert ce bon plan à New York ! - Angelique L., France

- The content, professionalism and photographic advice of the NYC tour sets it apart from other tours. I would recommend it to any one interested in seeing NYC from different perspectives.

- Thanks for an amazing photo tour! Loved every minute and everyone likes my pictures! - Tom M., Belgium

- Francois was very patient in explaining the finer points of composing a photo on a street. How to combine more than one element in a photo and try and make it different from all the photos snapped by other people. - Justin S., Des Plaines, Illinois

- Our guide was very helpful and welcoming. Even though I have been taking photos for a while I learned quite a lot. I live in the city, but I found areas to photograph that I have never been before. - Gwen N., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- I loved the creative challenge to shoot in Manual mode only. It had been several years since I had used just Manual. I loved that our guide taught us to look at things from different perspectives. There were times we stopped for a photo opp that I probably would have passed by if I was out alone. But taking the time to evaluate the scene from all angles afforded some wonderful results. THank you for an amazing tour! Can't wait to come back and shoot again in the winter! - Yael M., Mountainview, California

- Looking forward to another tour with François. - Colette L., Hartford Connecticut

- Loved the tour. Francois is a wonderful photographer and I got some great photos to share with my family and friends. I'm planning on doing a video and book of my night tour and landmarks tour. - Rich S., San Francisco, California

- Super creative tour! Inspiring and interesting with Jean François - Lilli R., Switzerland

- Gracias a citifari pude disfrutar manhattan de otra manera!!! gracias Michael - Carolina E., Colombia

- Thank you Michael for a very pleasant day. Your information helped me alot with my photography. My husband and I enjoyed the walk and the company. Now we know what Soho is all about. Thanks much - Diane J.

- Great Tour and Great Guide. Learned about SoHo and my Camera at the same time. Learned how to look at colors and objects in a more complete way. Thanks for a great way to spend a Saturday morning in NYC. - Nancy W.

- Citifari and Jean helped me get over my initial idea of manual settings on a DSLR being cumbersome and too hard to understand. This tour transformed my interest in photography completely within those two hours. I can't believe I had been missing out so far. - Supriya M., Bhubaneswar, India

- We learned so much! This tour was the highlight of our visit to NYC!

- I had a great time on my tour and would recommend it to anyone who loves photography and the city sights - Anita H., Australia

- I had a very precious experience. Before I went to NY, I wanted to take pictures, to have communication with people in NY and to walk a famous sites. This tour realized all of them for me! Thanks for the guide. I really enjoyed taking pictures in NY! - Muichihiro M., Japan

- I had a great time and learned a lot. Would definitely do it again. - John S., Rockville, New York

- Jean-Francois was extremely knowledgeable about photography, and photo setups. We didn't discuss the actual sites that much, but if we asked him questions about the buildings he knew the answers. He was very friendly and the tour was of very good value. - Laurel H, Riverton, Utah

- I highly recommend the citisafari tours! Even for experienced photographers and for those who know the sites very well. NY by night is an amazing site! Awesome pictures. I'd suggest a NY skyline tour with shots from NJ and Brooklin featuring also the bridges at night. - Fabio M., Brazil

- Excellent tour + jean-François était un excellent guide pas avares d'information en tout genre sur New York - Evelyne G., France

- Great tour. This is the best way to see Central Park. After the tour I went to a few of the Museums since they are right next to Central Park. This gave me a change to try out some of the new techniques I had just learned. - Tanisha M., Detroit, MI

- My husband, My son and myself all gained a better insight on how to take pictures and how to put our camera to better use. We are from the U.K. so to have a local share his knowledge and insights was fascinating. Gildo was brilliant, very patient and It was a very hot afternoon so we all felt slightly drained by the heat but Gildo kept our interest going even when the tour become confined to Herald square as The President decided to swing by to attend a benefit in New York. The whole area become locked down by police and barriers so he did a great job in keeping the tour going.
Will recommend to our friends and if we ever come back we will be sure to book on another tour. Many Thanks. - Alyson B., U.K.

- Très agréable matinée avec Jean François qui nous a fait découvrir des lieux insolites à Soho et dans le même temps nous a enseigné l ' art et la technique photographique . J'ai ramené de jolis clichés dont je suis très fière !!! tous les précieux conseils techniques m'aideront , c'est certain, à faire de meilleures photos à l'avenir ! Un grand Merci à Jean François pour sa gentillesse sa patience et son enseignement ! très bonne expérience à renouveler ! - Odile V., France

- Really enjoyed the photo experience. I will do another tour next time I am in New York. - Joe S. Warren, MI

- Très agréable matinée avec Jean François qui nous a fait découvrir des lieux insolites à Soho et dans le même temps nous a enseigné l ' art et la technique photographique . J'ai ramené de jolis clichés dont je suis très fière !!! tous les précieux conseils techniques m' aiderons , c'est certain, à faire de meilleures photos à l'avenir ! Un grand Merci à Jean François pour sa gentillesse sa patience et son enseignement ! très bonne expérience à renouveler ! - Odile V. France

- This tour was all I expected and more. Gildo was a great host — provided wonderful direction but allowed us to explore shots on our own, as well. What a fabulous, unique way to see Central Park, too. I would definitely do another Citifari tour next time I return. - Sarah F.

- Thanks again to Jean-François for his kindness and explanations! It helped me to know more things:) - Philippe from Paris

- This was my 5th photography tour in the city so I think I know a little about what I say. This last tour of SOHO with Gildo was the best of the lot. It was not a tour; it was a one on one class from an artist dedicated to sharing and challenging me to be a participant in his art. Other tours were all about offering good vantage points and camera settings. That is all fine and good. Nothing wrong with that. But Gildo takes it a step further. His passion for the art is contagious. He shares why a picture is interesting to him. What he looks for. He challenged me to develop and eye for the interesting rather than just getting a good postcard shot. He shares his insight and affection for the neighborhood. His history as an artist. Our history with the city. He is a teacher, not a tour guide. I feel privileged to have been his student for one brief morning in SOHO. - Ken A., Palm Beach, FL

- Thank you to Citifari and Gildo who gave us very good advice to make good shots and despite of the rain could spend the whole time of the tour in preciuos places.

- I enjoyed the tour. Our guide Gildo was excellent!! - Jerry K., Secaucus, NJ

- Interesting tour, great spots! Thanks again.

- I took both the Landmarks tour and the New York by night tour and had a great time. I highly recommend taking a Citifari tour as a way to both improve your photography skills and come away with some great shots. - Alan R., Sydney, Australia

- We thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring class. Jean-Francois was fantastic and knowledgable and helped us see Soho with a fresh set of eyes. This class was worth every penny! Thank you for a wonderful experience. - Stephanie D., Pennsylvania

- Citifari provided an EXCELLENT experience on the landmark tour of Manhattan. Gildo (our guide) was personable, engaging and very knowledgeable about photography. It was like touring Manhattan with a friend who HAPPENED to be a photographer.
I would highly recommend this tour to any person with an interest in photography. It was a new and exciting was to 'see' Manhattan. After the tour it greatly changed our 'perspective' of how we viewed Manhattan. - Summer D., New Jersey

- Overall a good tour to take! Jean had a lot of knowledge of the areas and sites we visited along with some stories to tell, which made the tour more enjoyable and interesting. Taking one of these tours is highly recommended, as it doesn't only teach you how to take good photos, you also learn a lot of interesting facts of the sites. - Kwen N., Australia

- Very nice tour made with Jean-Francois, a very fun way to take a photography lesson while discovering NY city! - Florent B., France

- Thanks so much, I had a great time and got a lot out of it.

- Wonderful tour of New York City, would have booked all if I had time! Put on your walking shoes and enjoy! Make sure you have your photographer take your group picture for your memories! Thank you so much Jean Francois and Citifari for an awesome experience! Angela M., Wilmington, N.C.

- donc voila, je suis venu à new York 5 jours début octobre j'ai participé à 2 citifari tours (NY by night et central park). je me suis retrouvé les 2 fois avec Jean-François qui est français et ca aide vraiment pour les conseils et de parler Français à new York c'est plaisant, j'ai aussi rencontré Stéphane un québecois sympa avec ses amis. Aucun reproche si ce n'est que c'est trop court, new York by night : en deux minutes je me rends compte que je vais adorer, on s'arrête devant une simple porte que j'observai du coin de l'œil... des conseils, de la technique, observer la ville, le tour n'est pas figé et s'adapte à nos envies, nos questions, JF nous fait découvrir des endroits magnifiques comme ce pont avec une vue fabuleuse sur le Chrysler building et les voitures au dessous. central park est énorme il faudrait plus qu'une journée entière pour en faire le tour, là encore il fait beau, la lumière est belle, les premières couleurs de l'automne nous enchantent, vraiment c'est top. Je dirai qu'il y a un avant et un après citifari pour mes photos : j'ai appris à shooter en manuel, avant j'étais un photographe débutant, j'ai progressé, JF m'a appris plein de choses sur mon appareil, sur la technique en général, de la créativité, se faire plaisir , il est passionnant et sait transmettre sa passion, aucun regret je n'avais pas envie que cela s'arrête. je reviendrai à new York c'est sur, je reviendrai voir citifari c'est sur, mon rêve : la highline en compagnie de Jean-François...
merci citifari. - Patrick, Lans en Vercors, France

- The tour with Gildo was great - as a newcomer to digital photography, he was very patient and helpful with my camera settings and his positive comments on my photos have inspired me to become a better photographer. - Liz S., Rhode Island, US

- I really enjoyed the two tours I had with Jean-Francois (Afternoon, and by night) who is a very friendly and good guy. He really knows the city and how to capture its atmosphere, it was nice to have a dinner with him between both tours. The size of the group was perfect (6 in the afternoon and 3 by night). I will definitely consider to get another tour if I have the chance to come back to NYC. - Alexandre C., France

- Jean Francois was a great guide; very patient and encouraging, especially considering our limited knowledge and experience of photography. We learnt tips that we have used every day since on our holiday. We would definitely recommend Jean Francois and citifari to anyone visiting New York City. - Gemma T.

- It was not a tour It was a very pleasent experience and our guide Gildo was very helpful and thought us how to use manual mode and make us a real group. Will do it again for my future to nyc.

- Excellent tour avec Jean François merci beaucoup pour tous vos conseils. - Virginie M., France

- Jean-François a vraiment été un très bon guide, il a su m'apprendre à utiliser mon appareil avec de nouvelles fonctions. Il connaît et adore vraiment sa ville "NYC" et cela se ressent dans sa manière de voir la ville et les gens. Une excellente expérience. Et un grand merci à Jean-François depuis la Suisse - Telma D., Switzerland

- Thanks to Citifari for a great tour and also to Gildo for his insightful and humorous approach.

- Thank you for leading the NYC Night Tour on Tuesday.  I had a blast and even learned a few things!  I will most definitely take another tour that you offer in a couple of weeks (gotta save up). The SoHo one sounds interesting.  I've attached a couple of the ones I took that night.  These have had some post preceding done to them.  I'm still editing and I may send some more if I remember once I get back to them.  - Keith L., New York

- Good safari with fast walking which I like and I got back to using manually mode on the camera which made my pictures better and more creative. - Roger K., Sweden

- Citifari is a great company to take you to vantage points that could otherwise be overlooked. Getting the best photos and learning more about my camera were definite outcomes of my session. Thank you. Having Gildo as our tour operator was great. He was extremely pleasant and being a large male added an additional air of security to two females engrossed in taking photos late at night. - Laura-Celeste A., Australia

- GREAT EXPERIENCE (EXPERIMENT), OF EXCHANGE, CONVIVIALITY, FOR INITIATED AND AMATEURS, BARE AND OTHER VISION OF THE CITY, TO SPREAD (WIDEN) ON ALL THE SITES TOURIST FROM the WHOLE WORLD. LET IT KNOW - Inescapable (Major) for the discovery and another vision of a place of interest. Better way (means) to return memory (souvenir) of journey - Laurent D., France
- Fantastic guide, great tour, great experience. That's why I came back for more. You need to add some new ones. Maybe NY at Sunset or Highlights at Night. - Brian B.

- J’ai fait ce tour fin juillet 2013 et ce fut une très jolie expérience. Jean-François fut un guide et un prof très patient. Grâce a ses conseils j’ai pu faire des photos assez sympa. Je recommencerai l’expérience avec plaisir lors d’un prochain voyage. Je conseille ce tour a tous ceux qui veulent des photos plus originales et un point de vue différent sur New York. - Julia C., France

- I had a great day, great experience with Gildo, he taught me alot, more than I expected, he had a awesome sense of humor. Soho is a great place to learn. Had alot of fun .
Actually both tours were awesome, both tours were very different. I actually learnt so much from both.. Am so glad for both of these experiences. I will highly recommend this company and the tours. - Glen G.

- I really learned so much about using my camera on manual mode.  I still have a long way to go.  I enjoyed the tours.  Jean-Francois is a hoot!  I am just now getting my pictures printed, still awaiting them. I would have liked to have seen more of the iconic NY stuff, but otherwise, they were really good.  I was able to use what I learned to get beautiful pictures of the Brooklyn Promenade, and when I mentioned that we were going there, another person on the tour decided to go as well, and we ran into him there. Thanks so much! - Tamara P., Louisville, Kentucky

- I went to the citifari tour today with jean francois and it was amazing, he taught me a lot of things about my camera first and then how to make good and special pictures. He showed us his view of NYC, it was really a pleasure. The best part was that he was french and i am french so i was surprised and really glad because thanks to that i learned more than maybe if i was with a guide who doesn't speak french! I think i will recommend this tour to my friends if there are going to nyc because it was an awesome time. - Elsa, from France
- I was very pleased with the pictures I continued to take throughout my trip using the advice from my Citifari tour.
- We had such a great time during our Citifari tour in NYC. Our guide and teacher Gildo turned it in a very funny moment, without any dead time: pure action and photographic ideas everywhere. We really got a new eye on NYC, with so many good pictures at the end of the tour. The balance between technics and art view was perfect, we got a great lesson of how to get from any single spot an artistic point of view. Finally the best pictures are the ones out of common expectations and Citifari tour allowed us to make these pictures perfectly. Thank you Citifari team for this great moment ! We loved it ! - Matt C.

- Hello Sam, We had a really great tour and spent a nice afternoon and evening with Gildo.
He teaches us so many good techniques. Now we are seeing NYC with other eyes and for sure the next days pictures will be great ! Thank you again Gildo to spend so much time with us and for the great talks we had. We will share later the best pictures and post our comment ! Have a great day ! - Samantha and Matthieu

- My wife and I enjoyed the tour. My expectations to lean more about night photography were fully met. Gildo thanks for your professionalism and personal attention to everyone. I have been an amateur wild life photographer for some time, but now I have a whole city to play with. Here are a few snapshots from last night.!i=2614527065&k=sZbT2sL - Ivan P., Illinois

- A great activity in a great city! More than an activity it`s an experience. - Normand L., Montreal, Canada

- I want to thank you for a fantastic learning experience yesterday. Karen and I loved our tour of some great New York landmarks. (Grand Central Station was my favorite - I wish I'd had my tripod with me!) I came away with valuable information that I hope will improve my pictures. Some of the math boggled me - it's physics and that was never one of my strengths; but I'll figure that out eventually. One of the most important points that resonated with me was that shooting fewer photos is a goal I need to work towards. I have to admit that I shoot way too many, thinking that I'm not wasting film. So now I will work on putting all the pieces together to make more deliberate decisions that will result in better pics. There's still so much to learn and practice; perhaps we can do another tour with you and work on other aspects that we didn't touch on yesterday. - Debra S. and Karen F., Philadelphia, PA

- I really had a great time on this tour. I made several picture internship in my hometown, Paris, so I can compare. I really appreciated the professionalism of our photographer, Rob. He took the time to comment and explain our photos and so for each of us. I was with two friends accompanying non-photographer, but thanks to Rob they spent a good time during the tour and I'm sure they do not ever take pictures in the same way. Thank you for this moment. I recommend this photographic tour to anyone wishing to learn or improve the use of a camera while discovering the city of New York with a professional photographer and good teacher. A very good time sharing assured. - Elisabeth (from Paris)

- We enjoyed very much this tour and Gildo's advices. Gildo is a very good teacher, photograph and a very interesting person. We recommand Citifari. - Didier & Pascale L., France

- Great experience! Thanks Citifari... Not only it was fun but it was also a great learning experience. Now I can finally use my camera for great shots at night! Will definitely take another tour - Dan R., New York, NY

- Un grand bravo pour cette découverte inoubliable de New York , une rencontre humaine autour d'un objectif. - Serge du Mans, France

- A glorious morning in Central Park, May 17, 2013. We were a private group of three beginners and Jean Francois raised our level of knowledge considerably. His professionalism, pacing, kindness and talent all made for a perfect way to enjoy the park and stimulate our passion for all the possibilities in a potential photo. Thanks Citifari, Sam, and especially Jean-Francois. - Deb H.

- Very nice tour which made us discover great views of New York by night and learn more about our camera and photography in general. - Jérôme B., France

- Très chouette tour, l'occasion de refaire connaissance avec le mode manuel de nos appareils ! Endroits et prises de vue sympas. - Pascale P., France

- I was incredibly fortunate to be the only participant on my late afternoon tour, so had one on one tuition which was just fantastic. Jean-Francois was an excellent guide and very patient with me. The pace of the tour was excellent and we went about the early evening casually and in no hurry. Whilst at first I thought some of his angles and choices of photographs was random, against the NYC backdrop afterall, I quickly came to realise these were a great foundation for creative composure. He also went above and beyond, recognising where I wanted to spend longer time, and also showing me the Chrysler entrance foyer (not on the itinerary but I had such a love of that building). A very pleasant session, which I wish had been on so much earlier in my trip. My confidence vastly improved thereafter. - Nicola S. U.K.

- I had a great time and Jean is really smart and really helpful. I learned a lot, and earned a new perspective. Thank you very much!! - Liam M.,

- This was an excellent photography tour. The guide (Francois) was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and I learned a lot. - Stephen S., New York City, NY

- I had a great time during the Manhattan by night photo tour. I learned some new tricks and will recommend Citifari to my friends! - Ashleigh D.

- Ma fille de 16 ans a fait ce tour avec le guide français. Elle a été ravie, a re-découvert son appareil photo et continue de s'entrainer avec toutes les infos données par le guide ! Elle a beaucoup aimé le coté artistique de cette découverte photo, et l'enthousiasme du guide l'a énormement inspirée. Un tour photo à recommender très vivement ! - Valerie B.

- This was my first night photography tour, and I really enjoyed it. It was a great way to learn some cool techniques in a relaxed and fun manner. The "formula" they teach for each location ensures you go back with some nice keepers, while there is still enough time to play with different settings and find your own compositions and effects. I can't wait to try another Citifari tour when I'm next back in New York! - Jon J., Ottawa, Canada

- This was rather different than other photo tours I've taken. First, I was "forced" into manual mode (which was a good thing and made me feel I could use it in the future to good effect). Second, the sites are well-chosen and pre-framed in photos and diagrams, which gives a good start to taking the picture. - Robert Y.

- Thank you for offering a tour for photographers. Rob helped me get some amazing shots. He taught me to see things differently and made me feel more comfortable shooting in manual focus. The knowledge I gained on your tour will definitely help me in bringing my photography up to another level. - Cindy H.

- Thanks citifari for this amazing tour in New York's heart! I've shoot pictures I've always wanted to but never could realise them by myself... I'm very proud of my pics because they look like professional pictures! To switch from automatic to manual mode was very easy at the end. I am much more confident with my camera now. - Sevrine M. - Switzerland

- Great tour and would highly recommend it regardless of your photographic skills. - David S.

- Merci à Rob pour le très sympathique tour dans Manhattan, j'ai même trouvé que c'était trop court ! Je reviendrai à New York et recommencerai avec plaisir un tour Citifari ! Merci encore. - Frederique C., France

- I had a wonderful time and can't wait to do a new tour! - Paul M., Los Angeles, CA

- Saturday in the park with Rob was delightful. It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed the sites and Rob's information. - Mary Ann L., Atlanta, GA

- Thank you so much for the central park tour we had with Rob ! Best experience we had so far, learned a lot. We'll definitely do it again during our next visit ! - Celie V.

- I went to the night tour with a sweet team of other photographers. I didn’t think about learning new skills. I just always thought “taking photos equals taking photos”. My plan was to see new places and visit… But, now I have added and learnt new techniques about taking photos and how to use my camera better… Citifari is valuable and very reliable… Thank you very much… - Armagan P., Istambul, Turkey. Armagan won a photo contest with one of her citifari pictures on the night tour. Read her full story here.

- Thank you so much! It was a great night in Manhattan, i learnt a lot! See you next year for another tour!

- Thank you for this tour in New York. I spent a good time with Jean-François who showed me how to improve my photos. And that's what I did the next days during my trip to New York. I am really excited as they are much better as usual. - Nathalie M., France

- Thanks for this very nice experience, during my vacations in NYC... :-) i'll recommend this one to all my photographers friends :-) thanks you to zoe for sharing her experience :-) we were only 2 participants, it was a very private lesson, i appreciate that ! :-) I'll share my best pictures on facebook, asap :-)
Merci pour cette très agréable expérience pendant mon séjour à NEW YORK. Je recommanderai ce tour sans hésiter à mes amis photographes :-) Merci également à Zoe de nous avoir fait partager son expérience et sa passion pour la photo :-) Nous n'étions que 2 personnes pendant le tour, ce qui nous a permis de prendre plus de temps entre chaque lieu, ce qui a fait de ce tour un leçon très privée, c'était génial! :-) Je partagerai au plus vite mes plus belles photos sur facebook :-) - Micael V.T., Brussels, Belgium

- Excellente expérience et de superbes photos à la clé !!! A renouveler absolument lors d'un prochain voyage à New York ! Merci à Sam et à Citifari - Stephanie S., Strasbourg, France

- Debbie was great. Even though my english isn't great I could understand her very well. She was always smiling and made the tour very interesting by adding some historical explanation about the buildings along the tour. - Ana D., Fribourg, Switzerland

- Thank you Zoe at Citifari. It wasn't just a photoshoot but a tutorial on how to shoot in a city in daylight! making the most of your camera's manual setting and how to get some amazing shots, and a reminder that practice makes perfect. - Amanda W., U.K.

- J'ai eu l'immense privilège d'avoir eu un cours privé - tout petit groupe, que mon frère et moi. C'était une expérience incroyable que j'aimerais bien renouveler. Peut-être lors de mon prochain voyage à New York. Dommage que pas plus de grandes villes aux USA proposent ces tours. (pas encore) Merci beaucoup à l'équipe qui était absolument géniale! Anastasia D., Fribourg, Switzerland

- Excellent tour, Louis was excellent! Very excited with my pictures! - Teri-Anne M., Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

- Thanks for a really fun learning experience! I really appreciated Sam's tips and input throughout and am already putting lots of them into use! :-) - Neelima S., New York

- Great tour, great experience! Would do another tour by Citifari. I really liked their format as well as educational approach and tool...the iPad! - Kate R., Delaware

- Loved the tour. Louis was a great guide! - Fiona K.

- It was a very enjoyable experience shooting at night in NYC. Great to join other photographers who have the same passion for photography and love of NYC. Would definitely do it again next time I visit!

- Thank you to Sam and Louis for a fabulous evening shooting around New York City. You provided impeccable service, taught us some fun new photography techniques and helped us create some great photos. Definitely would recommend Citifari to everyone! - Lani & Janet, Australia & Brooklyn, NY

- Capturing New York Through a Lens: I highly recommend the Concrete Jungle Photo Walk (landmarks tour). This 3 hour photo and camera learning experience goes by in the blink of a shutter...Understanding and using your camera in a fun way, with an informative expert guide, provides photo memories and an adventure that will never be forgotten..... Personally I found this Jungle Photo Walk nothing less than "Awesome". - Tex R., Vancouver, Canada

- Thank you so much for this landmarks tour ! Louis is a very good teacher. Enjoy the lesson, the sites and the results ! - Stephanie M., Lille, France

- Ce fut une visite insolite et très instructive de la ville au niveau photogénique, le point d'orgue fut le ManhattanHenge, super idée que d'arriver à ce niveau là au coucher du soleil pour finir le tour en beauté, très bonne idée de tour qui sort des sentiers battus. En espérant bientôt un guide francophone et le développement d'autres itinéraires à NYC et ailleurs. Bonne continuation à toute l'équipe! - Caroline L., France

- Great time on the tour. Louis was very helpful, informative and patient throughout the tour. Top marks to Citifari, thanks Louis. - Andy M, Australia

- I loved citifari because I could get the very best photos of New York I have ever taken thanks to this tour. They know the best vantage points and teach you the best tips that make you look like a professional photographer. And you get to take home the knowledge as well as the pics. I have taken both the landmarks and night tours and both are well worth it. I have used the knowledge I have learned for other great shots. I highly recommend it for a photography enthusiast. - Ken A., West Palm Beach, FL

- Thanks, Sam, for a fun, interesting and educational photo tour. Loved every minute! - Jean C., Cape Cod, RI

- Loved these great moments shared with Louis and the group during these two tours (Central Park and night tours) ! I learnt a lot, took my best pictures ever. I'll sign again next time I come to NYC for the Landmarks ! Again many thanks for everything, the assistance before the tours and your professionalism during ! - Lanto R., France

- Paige and I had a great experience with citifari. Louis did an outstanding job leading us in taking great photos of NYC. He also taught us a number of valuable tips in using our cameras. Would highly recommend this event. - Matt, NJ, USA

- I was in NYC for holidays and I participated to the Central Park tour, it was so cool! Because I could discover the park from another angle. And Sam, the guide, was so nice and professional. Thank you.- Anonymous

- had a great day, thanks Louis. - Denise W.

- Many thanks for an excellent tour. Invaluable for getting to know how to use a "proper" camera, not just a point and shoot. Plus i have some great photos! - Laura W., U.K.

- Great tours - I look foward to other tours that may open up. - Paul T., New York City, NY

- Thanks Louis for all the tips. I definitely had fun and have gotten to know my camera much more in that 2 hours. You would be happy to know that I've continued shooting with manual after the tour and was quite pleased with the results. I'll post and share them on Facebook later on :) - Stephany O., CT, USA

- Sam, this was such fun. you are great at creating fun photography adventures!
thanks so much - Roni Chastain, organizer, Long Island photography meetup

- Outstanding experience. Great locations, Creative techniques taught to surprise photographers and make creative images. You make it a truly enjoyable evening. - Ecindy - Long Island, NY

- Thank you for making this night tour a great experience. I got to impress my wife with my photographer skills. - Alex H., Paris, France

- Citifari is the best photography tour going. You couldn't ask for more knowledgeable and friendly tour/photo guides. I would never have gotten the excellent NYC photos if it wasn't for Citifari. - Ed Drew, Connecticut.

- I really enjoyed my tour today! I am definitely going to recommend it to others! - Meghan L., New York, NY

- Thanks for much Sam for your patience, good nature, fantastic and original ideas, and knowledge - it's a really great tour, and a great way to spend a couple of hours in such a fabulous city! - Amy L.H., New York City, NY

- Great tour, very friendly and knowledgeable guide, good selection of sites, good price. - Eren O., NJ

- Even though I live in New York, I didn't have any good photos of city. The Citifari tour not only identified the best locations to shoot the landmarks, but the tour guide also provided great tips on getting interesting images and good results, even on a gray day. The tour guide was patient and knowledgeable, able to provide advice for everyone from beginners to advanced photographers. I'd recommend the tour to locals as well as tourists! - Ellen D., New York City, USA

- Hi guys ! Loved the tour with you ! Interesting sites and way to see them. The technical information was so helpful and 'historical' mentions were a 'plus. Hope you will do this for many years and wish you a great success.

- Thank you very much for this tour!!! It was really interresting, I learned a lot how to use my new camera.
Thanks to Louis => you're a great teacher ;-)
Thanks to Sam => pour l'explication des parties techniques en français dans certains cas ;-)
Merci beaucoup
Bonne continuation!!!! :-) - Julien T., Alsace, France

- Thanks again Sam ! I discovered in a very original way Central Park and know how to use my camera in a manual mode now. That was a great tour and I will recommend it to my friends coming over in NYC ! - Jenny M., Paris, France

- I was in town just for the week and this was a birthday present from my wife. Despite the cold and rain, the guide (Louis) managed to take advantage of the overcast conditions and helped me get some pretty cool shots. I loved the tour and am sad I live on the other side of the globe. - Chris de V., Vietnam

- Wow what a wonderful experience. Louis our guide was very a knowledgable and helpful throughout the tour. We had selected this experience for our daughter in particular as she is studying photography at university. By the end of the tour the whole family had learnt plenty and my husband had gained a whole new insight into using his digital SLR. We would recommend this tour to anyone - Catriona M., Australia

- Let me to tell you guys directly how I felt about the tour. It was FANTASTIC. All of it. Like I said to Sam at Grand Central Terminal I learned more in the tour than I have in the last 5 years from reading books and magazines, etc. I did a bit of a review on my little photo blog at I knew you guys were hugely successful when Donna said that she couldn't wait to get back out and do some more photographing using the skills she learned during the tour. I can't thank you enough for showing us around and sharing your knowledge with us both. If we ever make it back to NYC which I'm sure we probably will we will plan to do the central park tour with you. - Zack J., Goose Creek, South Carolina


- Can't wait for other tours in different areas of NYC and maybe other countries! - Gabriela L., Venezuela

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- Great tour, really enjoyed it and learned a lot at the same time, would definitely recommend it! - Anonymous

- It was a very helpful and pleasant experience! Thank you! - Naty B., San Marino

- Thank you Sam for this magnificent introduction to the DSLR world ;) The tour was fun, instructive, and I came back with great pictures....and the willingness to take many more in the future! - Lionel D., New York

- Sam - your guide - is the most friendly , smiley and dedicated person you will ever meet! He knows the city inside out, knows when the rays of light hit which building, how the rain looks at a specific angle, and when to bend down to take very spectacular shot. He has done all the research for you so when you come onboard of the tour he can truly focus and give you the care and attention you need not only to take better pictures but also understand how your camera works while enjoying it!
highly recommended experience - even if you've lived in NY and think you've see maybe surprised...
ENJOY! - Carmit P., Israel

- Thanks for the wonderful tour yesterday. So enlightening! can't wait to keep practicing and master the manual settings of my camera! I will share some of my photos soon!! - Rocio F., Paraguay

- If you read Japanese, check Keni's blog here: - We hope he says nice things about us!

- You have a great business model that provides a wonderful service to those who recognize the importance of capturing memories.- Ed D. Connecticut, U.S.

- Good tour of some sites in NYC. You'll learn a bit about photography and exposure to help with your photography skills. - Paul and Amy M., Colorado, U.S

- Very nice tour guide, excellent explanation of photography and very good places chosen in Manhattan for the pictures. I recommend this tour! - Diane C., Paris, France

- Enjoyed the tour very much. Took pictures which I would have not thought about on my own. Louis, our guide was very helpful and friendly. - Paul T., U.S.

- Thanks for the team citifari. They are friendly and have a good knowledge base.
A good experience !!! Regards. - Olivier M., France

- Thank you Citifari for an great photography tour which both taught me how to better use my camera and allowed me to make fabulous pictures of my city. - Charlotte P., New York city

- This was my second tour in New York with Citifari. I enjoyed both of them and it is great to learn more about photography each time. I will take any new tour that Citifari create. - Monica Z., New York City / Lima, Peru

- Thank you Louis for an amazing day! We really learned a lot more about our cameras and ideas on taking creative photographs. I would highly recommend the afternoon Landmark tour with Louis. You will not be disappointed. - Stephanie, D, Katrina and Hunter, Virginia Beach, VA

- This photo tour was awesome! Louis is a great guy, did a great job. He was very helpful and gave great tips for the camera, for general shooting, and for each location chosen. A great value given everything Louis provided.... professional tips for general photography, tips and instructions on urban shots, and capturing a few of NYC's great landmarks. This was one of the best parts of our NYC stay - thanks citifari! - Luke and Tammia P., Iowa City, Iowa

- The Central Park Safari with Sam was the best photo tour I have been on, and I have been on a few. It was packed with information regarding camera settings as well as on Central Park itself. Sam was very friendly and super helpful in making sure everyone was taking great shots. I would definately recommend this tour to all my friends and look forward to taking another. - Karen N., Long Island, NY

- Sam you were a perfect guide. You offered help where needed, knew more about Central Park than a native New Yorker and fun to be around. - Cindy S., Long Island, NY

- Sam is a class act. Very helpful to the tour attendees and always willing to assist. - Ed D., Monroe, CT

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