citifaria - Spring 2013


After a long and cold winter, we are happy to see the first sign of spring. With the nature awakening, this is the occasion to see New York with new eyes. What better than having a walk in the city and admire the fresh colors of the flowers and trees? And what better than taking your camera and being guided by a professional photographer who teaches you how to capture the best moments of spring? The Central Park photo tour is the answer to your needs: 2-1/2 hours of walk in the park to contemplate lakes, bridges, unique constructions, vegetation and the skyline of Manhattan surrounding it. You will learn to leverage the unique combination between romantic nature and New York's architecture in the Park.

Citifari in the news

citifari has been featured by CBS as one of the 7 best tours in New York City and were included by ABC as one of 3 tours recommended by a resident. How does it feel to be part of a winning team? ... thanks to you! Read the full articles by clicking the names or logos above.

Tip: Studium vs. Punctum

These terms were defined in photography by the late Roland Barthes in his last book Camera Lucida. They remind us, photographers that we should be looking for Punctum but often only reach Studium: pictures that are likeable.

Punctum is much more about the moment that will make your picture unforgettable and lovable. In order to be there you will have to train a lot and attain Studium (likeability) often enough so that when Punctum is there, you can capture it.

Good summary before reading the book:

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