citifaria - summer 2012

It's hot, it's the summer - what else is hot?


At the end of May and then on July 11th and 12th, the sun was setting in perfect alignment with Manhattan’s streets. The buildings perspectives reminded New Yorkers and visitors of the historical site of Stonehenge, UK. For this twice-a-year event, a lucky few of you, walked with us for our special Manhattanhenge Tour and shot the sun on its East-West way down the city skyline (the sun only beat the clouds during one of our 4 special tours). Next Manhattanhenge special to occur in 10 months…be patient and check out our pictures.

French speaker and more interested about this phenomenon? Read the article on Manhattanhenge citifari Tour published in “French Morning”, the first French webmagazine in the USA.


You wanted it, you asked for it, you’ll like it! We are proud to announce the introduction of our new SoHo Tour! Let your camera strolling on the famous Cast Iron District and be inspired by the charm of this timeless architecture. Spring Street, Mercer Street, Broome Street, we have furrowed each corner of SoHo to offer you incredible views to shoot. Be the first to discover the new tour in September and participate to our guinea pig program. You’ll help us by putting the last shots on the itinerary and giving us your precious advices! In the meantime, check some of our pictures here.


.. to Debbie our new photo tour guide. Debbie is a licensed New York Sightseeing Guide and a photography lover for more than 30 years. Follow her to learn how to use your camera as a pro! If you too would like to be part of an exciting and growing team of photo guides, drop us a note at


A few of our frequent travelers have already noticed it; our ad was placed with a special discount code in the onboard Delta “special New York” July issue of the magazine. If you are planning to fly Delta before the end of the month, check it out, we are on page 154.


We have been featured in Yelp’s picks of the week! To read Tina’s review check it out here.