newsletter - spring 2012

The nice days are coming and with them, here is citifari's newsletter


After the great success of the night tour, we wanted to offer you some more day opportunities to discover and take great shots. We have been working hard at preparing the next tour, a SOHO photo tour. Step by step, citifari is always looking to offer you more photo opportunities. In the meantime, do not forget to add us on facebook, and follow us on twitter, tumblr, and pinterest.

If you would like to contribute to or be featured in our next newsletter, please tell us and send an email to


citifari has been recently featured on DPS (Digital Photo School) for two of the articles that we wrote.

In The best photography book Louis goes over an often asked recommendation for photography books.

And if you haven't taken our night photo tour, read this Introduction to night photography in which we describe a few of the techniques that you will learn during that tour.


By popular demand, we have started to work on a SOHO tour. Full of cast iron buildings and of unique sights, the neighborhood will be a gem for a photo tour. We are not yet at the guinea pig stage but if you would like to walk around and take pictures with us looking for that incredible shot, let us know!

In the meantime, check our SOHO gallery on facebook!


We are working on many partnerships to promote citifari and with a bit of luck you will hear about us from all corners. In the meantime, the guys at metromarks are the cool kids on the block. They loved us, we loved them and now they included us at the top of their New York attractions page. Wherever you think of traveling, think of checking first. Chances are, they already did the job for you!


We love to hear back from you what you think of our tours. Many reviews are featured on our website
but check what Terry had to say here:
[...] On a chance I googled photography tours and Citifari popped up. I did the afternoon landmarks tour and the night tour and it far exceeded what I was hoping for. The sites were great but for an old New Yorker that had seen all of them many times the specific selections that were chosen to demonstrate a new composition, exposure or technique were awesome. [...] I only wish I had found it earlier in the week I would have taken the Central Park tour as well.
Check Terry's full review here and his pictures on facebook.