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by citifari on August 24th, 2011

We have asked Steven Morrison, M.A., creator of the Spiritual Workout to help us find the right "state of mind" for when you are out taking pictures.
First, you might want to ask yourself, What is my intention (or what are my intentions)? What am I hoping to achieve? What would I like to walk away with? Intentions matter in no small part because they help us with the decisions we make moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Some examples of intentions might be:
To take a handful of really good pictures
To spend time away from the people with whom I am traveling
To learn more about my camera
To try something different
To meet like-minded people
To enhance my skills

You can see, by the way, that there is no limit to how many intentions one can have but being clear about what they are always makes everything better. Thus, an intention to take a handful of really good pictures might help you to not concern yourself with making sure you get every single possible shot known to man and beast. And an intention to enhance your skills might help you focus them on what you are doing vs. what others are doing. And on and on...

Second, I would probably suggest that with an intention or two (or more) in place that you take a quick inventory of the beliefs you have about your intentions. For example, a belief that “I am a terrible photographer” would not align very well with an intention to take really good pictures. Now, maybe it is too large a task to turn such a belief around on the spot so if that is the case, a simple statement like “Up until now I have been a terrible photographer” will open the space energetically for new possibilities. You can feel that as you read it, yes?

Finally (for now!), I would encourage you to look at your photography experience through the lens of choices abound. Everything is a choice and nobody is there because they have to be. When we look closely at the choices we make, we always learn something about ourselves and what we value. This is a generally more contemplative question that may not deliver an immediate answer. But it could also be nice to have it ruminating while you are out taking pictures. For example: “My choice to be out today shows me how much I value my creative side” or “My choice to be out today shows me that I am capable of doing something for myself” etc. Also, when we choose something, we are often not choosing something else. Looking there can also help to point back to us.
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