The Camera Bag

by citifari on January 3rd, 2012

The camera bag is an important part of any photographer's gear, often met with dissatisfaction... until you find the right bag.

Stuffing your camera here, your ipad there, your filters, different objectives, remote control, flash, papers and unstuffing all that into another bag, taking two bags, check list to make sure I did not forget anything, ... this is the life of the photographer. As many of us, I have my photography job (at, we do photo tours of new york city), my personal projects, a few gigs here and there and travels for pleasure. I believe my wife was annoyed to see me spending too much time packing and unpacking rather than working, that she decided to find a solution. She did her due diligence and purchased the Union Street bag from ONA... whaaaaa what a bag!

When she gave it to me I was really skeptical. For a while, I had looked for a solution to carry my equipment and had concluded that the needs of the photographers are too diverse to fit in one bag. I was so happy to be wrong. The Union Street from ONA is so versatile, it fits the dress code during an event or on travel. I can fit the ipad inside the bag for transport or in the pocket outside with easy access during a citifari photo tour. I can modify the placements of the pads inside the bag depending on whether i take my flash or my 24-105! I can fit so much stuff, it's not even funny. And everything is padded at the right place to prevent from shocks and falls. My back used to hurt after a few hours with just my camera and an additional lens in the sling bag, with the ONA, I can carry more for the whole day and be perfectly fine. And when I want to travel light, the bag is not a burden, it seems to retract itself to a messenger type bag!

Enough to say that I love the bag and if it weren't my wife who offered it to me, I would sleep with it instead!

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