Snap your FNO '12: Winners

Please join citifari, Snap Your FNO and the other sponsors to congratulate the three winners of the photo contest.
#1,  Igee Okafor. The 18-year old Nigerian-born Igee is the big winner of the Snap Your FNO contest. The oldest of 4, growing up, Igee has been exposed to many fields of art and has developed many passions. Igee loves fashion and clothes and enjoys photography, modeling, singing, dancing and musical theatre. You can see his pictures and other fun stuff at Igee enjoys putting outfits together and experimenting. His personal style is really versatile, mostly Brad Goreski inspired. "Life is all about passions and that's the beauty of it, there are plenty of things to be passionate about!". Igee leaves with a large Col Cashmere ($179 retail value), a citifari NYC Landmarks photo tours for four people ($200) and a pair of Cano Longo ($99) footwear by Marlandia.
#2, Kearah Armonie, from Brooklyn, is an aspiring writer, visionary director, and wardrobe stylist. She is currently working on her first film entitled Don't believe the hype: the story of the modern day Bohemian. The film is a documentary that will showcase the lives of young artists and challenge certain stereotypes we face. You can learn more about Kearah on her blog: Kearah wins a Col Cashmere, a citifari NYC Landmarks photo tours for two and a pair of Exclusive Eco Collection footwear by Marlandia.
#3, Liva Judic, now London based, from Paris via Madagascar and many other places, is a modern day nomad running a communications agency called Merrybubbles out of London.  Liva loves to take photos of people, places and objects with character. You can join her Merrybubbles conversation on Twitter, check Liva's Overblog social hub and read her daily newspaper in the main European languages, The Merrybubbles Daily. Liva wins a Col Cashmere, a citifari NYC Landmarks photo tour and a pair of Crusada footwear by Marlandia.
We would like to thank all the participants who sent us their pictures, the finalists who were selected in the Top 12 and the judges whose work made all this competition feasible.

About the sponsors:
citifari ( offers photo tours in New York City. Its professional photographers and guides have diligently scouted the most unique vantage points for many of the city's famous. During the citifari walking tour, they share with you these privileged corners of NYC along with various, must-have, techniques so you can shoot your own stunning photographs.

LeColCashmere’s ( is the vanguard purveyor of urban cashmere accessories. Its signature cashmere tube scarf was initially produced in 2009 and very quickly met with incredible success. Designed with a Parisian mindset and inspired by New York's fashion edge, Le Col is the latest trend in luxurious cashmere for the Fall and Winter seasons.

Marlandia ( empowers women in Rio de Janeiro's favelas as the exclusive U.S. ambassador and distributor for Retalhos Cariocas, a progressive Brazilian fashion house that trains women in the favelas to transform flip-flops, bags, and apparel with eco-fabrics into gladiators, booties, wrap shoes and more. With Marlandia's support, Retalhos Cariocas has gained worldwide acclaim for transforming waste into fashion in every sense.
The details about the competition, the finalists and the public's vote can be found on Snap Your FNO's facebook page at

The announcement and the live twitter feed with links to all the photos can be found here at

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