Jean-François, the image creator

As an experienced photographer in photojournalism, advertising and fashion, Jean-François is the perfect person to guide you for a photo-tour. Attentive to details, he will teach you to pay attention and to take advantage at every situation.

Jean-François studied at the prestigious Louis Lumière School of photography in Paris and shared his life between the city of love and New York.

He has worked for Abercrombie & Fitch, New York Woman, Ann Klein, Oscar De La Renta, Details, Revlon, and Macy's among others, as well as diverse fashion catalogs, annual reports and corporate events, in studio and exotic locations too with world renowned models and such various luminaries as Yoko Ono, HRH Queen Rania of Jordan, HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, actor Donald Sutherland, Steve Forbes and Mike Tyson have adorned his portfolio.
His intuition, spontaneity and sensitivity are elements of his savoir-faire. His philosophy advocates that you just don't take pictures, you create images. Jean-François will help you to visualize and conceive images taken out of the ordinary.

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